Michael Vassili

Michael is our Principal entitled to practice as Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia as well as the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Michael has undertaken training as and is entitled to be appointed as an Independent Childrens Lawyer under the Family Law Act 1975.

Michael appears as Trial Advocate in all jurisdictions and has appeared as Trial Advocate in the High Court of Australia and Supreme Courts throughout Australia (See below)in complex litigation.

All matters in the Firm are conducted by Michael. He will allocate a Solicitor of the Practice the day to day carriage of the matter and Michael often appears as Advocate at final hearings in each matter. He has developed a highly successful team approach to litigation with a highly competent and enthusiastic team of lawyers who all work to achieve (and do achieve) outstanding results.

Courts where Michael has appeared as Trial Advocate:

Federal Courts and Tribunals

State Courts and Jurisdictions Supreme Courts

Other State Courts

Coroners Courts

Specialists Courts and Tribunals

Senior EducatorUniversity Lecturer and TutorIn addition Michael has been engaged as lecturer and tutor at major universities throughout NSW including:

Australian College of Legal Education and Training

the college provides national training to regulatory and public authorities on investigating and enforcement / prosecution of offences.

Areas of Michael’s Experience and Expertise

Areas of expertise include: