Lawyer Blacktown

Predominately a lawyer for Blacktown, Michael Vassili, and his associates have a proven track record in the Western Sydney and North Western Sydney areas.

His team orientated approach to litigation is one that ensures you will be dealing with the collective as appose to one lawyer. You can always count on Michael and his team for the best advice.

Michael himself oversees every matter that his team undertakes. He will methodically sift through all of the elements and identify the best-suited solicitor to take the day to day proceedings in your case.

When it comes to his clients, Michael abides by a simple motto: “when you care about people, you fight hard to win.”

Your choice of Lawyer in Blacktown

Michael Vassili and his team know that choosing the right legal representation for you comes down to one thing, trust; that is why they offer a no fee consultation on your first visit.

The friendly and dedicated team of highly trained individuals at Michael Vassili Barristers and Solicitors will lead you through the legal minefield so that you can go back to doing what you do best. Whatever that might be.

Why Michael Vassili?

What sets Michael and his team apart from the rest is their high settlement rate. He sees avoiding the courts as the best possible outcome. Avoiding court is not always that simple, and that is why he only works with the best to ensure a fair and equitable result for his clients.

Michael strives to form a long standing relationship with all of his clients to support them through a difficult period in their lives. Nobody likes going to court, but Michael Vassili and his team get you through as fast as they can.

That is why he is your lawyer in Blacktown

practice areas include:

  • Employment
  • Civil Litigation
  • Planning & Development
  • Property
  • Traffic
  • Administrative reviews
  • Business & Commercial
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Migration
  • Wills & Estates