To understand our approach to the legal industry you first have to learn a little bit about our Principal, Michael Vassili. Michael Vassili is a resolute Blacktown lawyer first and foremost. He has made it his career to fight for people who have been dealt a bad hand in life.

With a rich portfolio dominated with pro bono work Michael has influenced us as a legal practice to live by his motto: “when you care about people, you fight hard to win.”

Michael himself oversees every matter that we undertake. He will methodically sift through all of the elements and identify the best-suited solicitor to take the day to day proceedings in your case.

What it means to be Blacktown’s lawyers

Knowing that we serve our city in such a way is something that gives us great satisfaction. We make sure to defend our clients with the most powerful weapons in the legal arsenal: Good communication

We will stay the course and hold your hand every step of the way until we get you the result that you deserve.

Why us?

Because of Michaels pride and affection for the people of his community, he strives to ensure thatanyone he works with feels the same way. We take great pride in serving our city, and client satisfaction is something that ensures we will go above and beyond.

Our collaborative approach to litigation is carried out by a knowledgeable and passionate team who are driven by results with each and every one of us understanding the significance of serving the community as a Blacktown lawyer.

Our practice areas include:

  • Employment
  • Civil Litigation
  • Planning & Development
  • Property
  • Traffic
  • Administrative reviews
  • Business & Commercial
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Migration
  • Wills & Estates

Talk to our virtual paralegal now to get in contact with one of Blacktown’s lawyers. Your first consultation is free with us.