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Reaching an agreement by consent is the best outcome for couples who are going through the separation process. The Family Law property settlement process is made up of four steps:

1. Identifying the parties net assets

The court will identify and value any property, financial resources, and financial liabilities that the splitting couple possesses. They will then tally it up and minus any debts accumulated in the marriage. The remaining amount gets put into “marital asset pool” ready for distribution.

2. Assessing the contributions of each party

The court will consider each partner contribution, preservation or enhancements to the acquisitions that make up the marital asset pool. This can include non-financial contributions

3. Future needs

The court will assess the future requirements of each party considering things like age, health, financial capacity and who the primary carer of the children is.

4. Practical effect

The final step of proceedings is to consider what the consequences of the proposed outcome will be. If undesirable, one of Blacktown’s trusted family lawyers will ensure a fair and equitable


Once both sides agree on the suggested property settlement, it then needs to be finalised, done by either consent order filed through the court or a binding financial agreement.

One of Blacktown’s family lawyers will advise on the best approach for you.

We work meticulously to ensure that you get a fair result. Going through a divorce is tough, but we make sure that getting a reasonable conclusion does not add any more pain to an already difficult period in your life. We are acknowledged as Blacktown’s family lawyers because we are with you every
step of the way.