Blacktown family Lawyer

If you are looking for the Best Blacktown Lawyer , you’ve come to the right place, at Michael Vassili Barristers and Solicitors we always approach our cases with a settlement first mindset. Of course, we understand that an agreement is not always possible. Our dedicated team will fight for the best possible outcome.


Our approach

To understand our approach to the legal industry, especially when it comes to family law, you first have to learn a little bit about our Principal, Michael Vassili. Michael Vassili’s training and real world experience make him a resolute Blacktown family lawyer.


Throughout his career, he has helped countless separating couples get the best result possible.


With a rich portfolio dominated by family law work, Michael’s attitude has influenced his legal practice always to approach a case keeping the best interests of the child close to heart.


Michael himself oversees every matter undertaken. He will methodically sift through all of the elements and identify the best-suited solicitor to take the day to day proceedings of your case.


Why us?

Choosing a Blacktown family lawyer is all a matter of trust, and we know this all too well, that is why we offer a free consultation on your first visit.


Knowing that we serve our city in such away is something that gives us great satisfaction. We make sure to look after our clients with the most powerful weapons in the legal arsenal: Good communication & perseverance.


We will stay the course and hold your hand every step of the way until we get you the result that you deserve.


Our collaborative approach to family law is carried out by a knowledgeable and passionate team who are driven by results with each and every one of us understanding the significance of serving the community as a Blacktown, family lawyer.